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Why clean your windows?


Reach-It Pole system

Tegrey Family of Coatings has purchased a new window cleaning system this past year. Why would a business who’s business is 80 % painting do this? Who cleans their windows today anyway? Why waste the money?
Approximately 50% of the homes we pressure wash, people ask if we clean windows. I have always said no as this is a specialty business that requires skills and equipment we did not have. I decided to investigate this business and after speaking with the professionals and suppliers in window cleaning, we discovered it would be a great fit for our business. We can train our employees and purchase all the equipment we needed to add this onto our company services. The cost was a substantial investment and needed the right client to make it happen.
At Tegrey Family of Coatings, located Canton Ohio, we are a perfect fit. Our clients are very particular on the quality of work they require and they love their homes. That answers the question of who cleans their windows. People who care and want the best for their homes. Having a clear view and dirt free windows make a lot of difference to the concerned homeowner. This relates to businesses as well. Who wants to sit in a restaurant who’s windows are filthy?
The cost was also a surprise to us as well. We bought the Reach-IT pole system and Wash-IT filter system.
We now clean windows, Chemical free, using pure water. Our reach is 25′ which means we clean two story windows from the ground. Spotless windows without any damage to your plants or home.
This separates our business from most every other window cleaning service in our location. The cost is quite low and results are the best.
This is why we now clean windows and tells you why to clean your windows.

Networking, Why?
Is it worth all the trouble?
We are A simple Image Canton Ohio business that supplies painting, pressure washing and deck refinishing.  We have six employees who basically Love their job.  You might ask, what does that have to do with networking. We have been around for sixteen years and entering into our third record year in a row! We do not advertise in the local phone books and our advertising is 1/3 cost of what it was five years ago. 
We have set our goals to produce the best product to our specific client at the lowest cost for what we do.  Creating true Value for our client.  They know us and trust us.  
All said, we are networking every day. If there is an event that makes sense to us and correlates with our goals, we are there.  Our networking is based around weekly meetings and gatherings of the three Chamber of Commerce we belong to as well as our Local Chapter of BNI, and  anything that will introduce us to great businesses. 
Why we use networking in our business is not directly money related but referral based.  We feel the networking we do will give us the opportunity to refer the best businesses in our area. The secondary thing would be that they refer us as we’ll.  Who we refer is valuable enough to us that we spend a big percent of our income for developing associations with the people we network with.  We must develop a trust that only comes from knowing one another. 
 We do not go to any function to pass out our coveted business cards.  We don’t strike up a conversation to see how we can sell someone our business.  When we introduce ourselves to you, our first action is to learn about you and your business.  We want to learn if there is any connection between us that may lead to helping your business.  That my friend is much more satisfying then shoving my card into your pocket and telling you to call me because we can solve all your problems or sell you the greatest product since the iPhone!
The next time your in a networking event, use the two pocket system. One pocket is for the businesses we really want to know and grow with. One we feel we can develop a lasting relationship with.  The second Pocket is for the cards shoved in my face and you need us business card.  I take one back to the office and start working on ways to make the right connection for our clients , the other usually doesn’t make it out the door.  
You can figure which is which and sooner or later you’ll see the benefits of great networking.  Thank you.


Choosing your customer

Choosing your customer.

dreamstime_7913782Everybody is your best customer! That is as close to the truth as saying every family should have 12 children!
Choosing the right customer makes sense. By this I mean we should know who our customers are and why. This is easily accomplished by using the office tools we work with every day. Such as, our customer records we so meticulously keep on each one of them. At we work hard to know the demographics of our business. We know our client is not the average. They are usually a family with children in a moderate home and enjoy the beauty of their home. They want pristine walls, clean exterior and a beautiful deck. This is what we do and what they expect. Our clients have been living in a contractor built home that was so beautifully painted with contractors paint. You know, the flat sheen, single colored walls, stomped ceilings and done very quickly by their subs at minimum cost, to them.
After a few years of the children rubbing the walls walking up and down the steps, not to mention their play room, it’s impossible to clean off the marks! This my friend is our perfect customer.
You know who your best customer usually is, but ignore the signs. Your growing your business and do not care who you work for as long as there is a pay check involved. You seldom see the same clients come through your business because they are looking for price, not a company they can deal with for life. By choosing the right customers for your business, they will return over and over again. They are a great fit for you and you for them. They Love your service and willing to pay for it. That is a successful customer.
All said and done, this is only a sample way to choose your right customer. You can make the correct choice by using the right tools and making the right decisions for your business. Painting, pressure washing, deck refinishing is our business. We do not do anything else. We know what we do, focus on it and do it well. All wraped around the best customer for us.
We hope this helps you choose the right customer for you.


How do you know which paint to use? There are so many choices and each day adds another one.  You can decide by  answering a few basic questions.  What is it that you want to paint?  Where is the area located? Interior or Exterior, or both?  What are your expectations as to the longevity and degree of wear and tear the area must handle?  What color has to do with my paint choice.  The first choice is what will be painted?  Is the surface rough, smooth wood, vinyl or multiple variations of the before items

Each substrate requires a different product. At we have educated ourselves about each substrate their requrements and which to use in each situation. Vinyl for instance can be painted without any primers. Other substrates require special primers. Are you blocking out stains, grafattie, dirt, or maybe a very dark color? The primers are all different for each problem. Knowing which to use is as important as the paint you need for finishing the project. Paint has a minimum and maximium temperature which it can be applied. The label on each can will tell you the boundries you must follow for application. Exterior and interior paint has different additives allowing for temperature, moisture, color retention as well as mold and UV rays. Using the proper interior or exterior paint is a must.

Many times people believe using an exterior paint in the interior is OK. Again, it is not properly made for the interior and lacks additives for this purpose. The modern paints are growing toward low to no VOCs, (Volital Organic Coumpounds). This is one item that refers to the smell and solvents released into the air as you paint. It controls other factors which we will explain in a future Tegrey Family of Coatings blogg. At present,our product of choice for low VOCs is the Benjamin Moore Aura line. It has it’s own color system which eliminates VOCs. The only product on the market today that offers this. It is ideal for health reasons, pregnancies and just for the satisfaction of using a safe product around your family and friends.
The longivity of a paint product is determined by the additives. It manufacturer has the ability of making paints last 20 years or a very short time. The additives they add make the difference. Based on these items, paint cost is very relavent to the quality of your purchase. You get what you pay for.
I hope this information gives you a better understanding of which paint to use. As always, read the label, expect pay for a good quality paint, or pay less, based on your final expectations of your paint job.

All right, so you were about to start painting and then realized you have no idea what you’re doing. OK,Image I’m not giving you enough credit. You searched out help online because you just need some guidance, right? Well, either way, let’s both agree that you’re here because you need some help starting out. Painting is a lot of work, and it can sometimes be tough – you’re no Bob Ross! If you’re a beginner with the paintbrush, follow these simple steps to prepare that room for the masterpiece it’s supposed to look like.

1. Clean the walls

It’s important to start things off by cleaning the walls you’d like to paint. You should also fill any cracks or small holes with Spackle before painting. Cleaning the walls makes a world of difference and actually creates a smoother painting experience. But this does mean getting on your hands and knees at times, so do your best stretching!

2. Don’t electrocute yourself

Always remove your electrical cover plates on switches and outlets. Most outlet and switch covers can be removed with a flat head screwdriver. Just be careful not to stick your fingers in the crevices. But I’m not your Mom, so …

3. If you don’t want any splattered window accessories, like the locks and handles, remove them before painting.

4. Remove the doorknob and strike plate at the door latch. These are both devices that easily attract a dripping paintbrush.

5. Tape off the lock at the edge of the door.

6. Protect the Furniture

If you have furniture in the room, either remove it before painting or cover it with a drop cloth. A paint-spotted couch isn’t the most attractive hosting gear, and you’ll probably have to sleep on it once your partner sees what you’ve done.

Image7. Protect the Floor

Tape a cloth or plastic drop cloth to the edge boards along the edges of the floor. The best place to find something like this is at your local hardware or home improvement store – just be sure to get the correct floor measurement. A local interior painter may also have a floor cover ready for your project.

8. Prime Those Walls

Prime? What? Yes. You must know how to successfully use primer on your walls before actually painting them. If you’re dealing with wallpaper or heavily stained walls, primer will be your best friend. You must use the correct primer for different surfaces, though. Using the wrong kind can diminish the integrity of your walls. If you’re uncomfortable with the thought of priming (Totally normal!) you should contact a local interior painting expert who can help out.

After following these pre-painting steps, your room should be ready to take on any kind of paint you throw … I mean, splatter at it –even a bright, neon yellow! But if you don’t want to put up with the hassle at all, call an expert who does. Sometimes it’s just better to let the professionals do what they do best.

 Have any quick pre-painting tips and tricks of your own? Share them in the comments below.

This is a suggested list of pre-painting tips that apply to most but not all circumstances. If you have any further, more specific questions, write to me in the comments section.

Following Picaso

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others, who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

-Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)


Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and undoubtedly one of the most influential painters of the 20th century. His paintings told stories for years to come and still spark debate among painters, students and common viewers of all ages. Picasso saw what the average person thought a monotonous, every day scene and made it extraordinary.

While we at Tegrey’s Family of Coatings don’t claim such a prestigious title like that of the legendary Picasso, we believe our customers deserve the same kind of attention. We’re in the business to take your painting needs and work from the inside out, transforming your home or business into something a little more special than just newly painted walls. Isn’t that what great painters like Picasso had in mind, anyway? Transforming a yellow spot into the sun when others want to transform the sun into a mundane yellow spot is what we do at

Do we know you’re skeptical? Yes. Do you have questions? Of course you do. Do you need proof? Absolutely. You’re a smart human being who doesn’t make a decision based on the first words you read about a company, from the company itself. We know that.

So why don’t you take a look at some of the work we do and judge for yourself if we’re the right painters for you.