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When will you be here?

IMG_7940     This question is often asked by our client when we schedule their project.  Business and home owners need to know when we will arrive for their work.  They have other responsibilities and things to do.  Don’t you just hate it when you call to have someone come to your home and you hear this. ” We will arrive between 8am and 5 pm.  Only on Tuesday or Fridays.”  This is a common place  for most companies to work their business.  Who are they serving?  Who is benefiting this type of schedule?  We all know it is for their benefit and not you the owner.  They really do not care whether you have appointments or concerns to take care of.  If they did, they would ask you what works for you.

With our business, we always ask when you are available and what works for you best.  We are a Service company that cares about our clients needs.  We are where we are, because of you.  That is what matters to our business.


Having the proper set up and people to serve others makes a difference.  Being able to meet you before or after work for your estimate makes a world of difference.  Having a crew at your home or business ready to work before you  leave for work if needed is important.

If we tell you we will arrive at 7:45 am, we will be there.  We do not do the 8-5 time limit.  Your time is as valuable to us as it is to you.  We respect your time as all service companies should. The next time any business that gives you a window instead of a set time to visit you,  let them know you will call someone else that cares about your valuable time.  They may change their minds?  Thank you.

Who will be there?

     Do you know who will be at your home or business when you hire a contractor?  Does it matter?  Aren’t they all the same?

     The answers to these few questions may save you a lot of money and frustration.  They are the first contact a client will have with a contractors workers.  They will represent the people you hire to solve your problems.  Are they qualified, trustworthy and reliable?

     I have seen many employees enter a home or business and complete the exact work you wish for and without a blip.  On the other hand, I have seen employees ruin a project and everything connected to the job quicker then you can imagine.

     In our business, we determine who will be there.  We hire them and we support them.  Our employees are not painters hired off the street and have worked for various companies.  They do not bring old skills, good or bad with them to our business.  Our company is based on the concept that we hire good people and train them.  No previous professional skills or habits.  How does this work?  We hire people who are GOOD and possess the work and people skills to complete the task we desire.  They are very trainable and want to become the best they can in their field of endeavor.  They are friendly, smart and willing to help in every situation.  That we believe are the people who will be there.

     Our goal from day one is to train our new employees to become the Craftsmen and women we desire.  Our owner, Peggy Miller is well suited for this job.  She has over 18 years of growing our business.  Training every employee to become the best they can at what we do.  We expect all employees to apply paint the same as each other, every time.  No matter the task, everyone is fully trained to create Value for our client.  Jobs done right without the hassles or problems that often happen with some businesses.  A well run machine with the best results every time.  dreamstime_7913782

     I hope this gives you a better understanding of when you hire a contractor it does make a difference who will be there.  Thank you.

How to run a business on a Beach!

How to run a business on a Beach!.