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How can I help the painter?

This is a common question we receive when we arrive for a painting estimate.  People care about their project and want to make sure their job goes smoothly. request the homeowner, remove family portraits and collector glass wear from the work area.  Special request will need to be known, such as time of arrival,  security codes if needed or problem areas for the painters.


Having the color choices for the paint to be used is also needed.  Preferably at least 48 hours before the painters arrive.  To help the painter, it is always essential to have your colors picked before they arrive to complete your project.  Often times the repairs are minimal and they can start to paint very quickly.  If the painters arrive and do not have paint, the job comes to a stand still.

Removing Family portraits’ and glass wear stored in curios and on tables will save time and also provide a clutter free area for the painters.  We all have special items that mean the world to us.  Theses items should always be placed in an out of the way area for any workers.  This allows more freedom for the workers to complete their project quicker and more efficiently.  As for any project which you have contractors in your home or business, clearing the areas to be worked in will speed up the process.

Lastly, feel free to let any painting company working in your home or business know what your expectations are of them.  Where you would like them to set up their equipment and tools and what areas not available for them.  Knowing the requirements of you the consumer provide the painter a better understanding of what is to be done.  Thank you.

When will you be here?

IMG_7940     This question is often asked by our client when we schedule their project.  Business and home owners need to know when we will arrive for their work.  They have other responsibilities and things to do.  Don’t you just hate it when you call to have someone come to your home and you hear this. ” We will arrive between 8am and 5 pm.  Only on Tuesday or Fridays.”  This is a common place  for most companies to work their business.  Who are they serving?  Who is benefiting this type of schedule?  We all know it is for their benefit and not you the owner.  They really do not care whether you have appointments or concerns to take care of.  If they did, they would ask you what works for you.

With our business, we always ask when you are available and what works for you best.  We are a Service company that cares about our clients needs.  We are where we are, because of you.  That is what matters to our business.


Having the proper set up and people to serve others makes a difference.  Being able to meet you before or after work for your estimate makes a world of difference.  Having a crew at your home or business ready to work before you  leave for work if needed is important.

If we tell you we will arrive at 7:45 am, we will be there.  We do not do the 8-5 time limit.  Your time is as valuable to us as it is to you.  We respect your time as all service companies should. The next time any business that gives you a window instead of a set time to visit you,  let them know you will call someone else that cares about your valuable time.  They may change their minds?  Thank you.