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Who will be there?

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Who will be there?

     Do you know who will be at your home or business when you hire a contractor?  Does it matter?  Aren’t they all the same?

     The answers to these few questions may save you a lot of money and frustration.  They are the first contact a client will have with a contractors workers.  They will represent the people you hire to solve your problems.  Are they qualified, trustworthy and reliable?

     I have seen many employees enter a home or business and complete the exact work you wish for and without a blip.  On the other hand, I have seen employees ruin a project and everything connected to the job quicker then you can imagine.

     In our business, we determine who will be there.  We hire them and we support them.  Our employees are not painters hired off the street and have worked for various companies.  They do not bring old skills, good or bad with them to our business.  Our company is based on the concept that we hire good people and train them.  No previous professional skills or habits.  How does this work?  We hire people who are GOOD and possess the work and people skills to complete the task we desire.  They are very trainable and want to become the best they can in their field of endeavor.  They are friendly, smart and willing to help in every situation.  That we believe are the people who will be there.

     Our goal from day one is to train our new employees to become the Craftsmen and women we desire.  Our owner, Peggy Miller is well suited for this job.  She has over 18 years of growing our business.  Training every employee to become the best they can at what we do.  We expect all employees to apply paint the same as each other, every time.  No matter the task, everyone is fully trained to create Value for our client.  Jobs done right without the hassles or problems that often happen with some businesses.  A well run machine with the best results every time.  dreamstime_7913782

     I hope this gives you a better understanding of when you hire a contractor it does make a difference who will be there.  Thank you.

Is the paint included?

Source: Is the paint included?

Is the paint included?

Working as Tegrey Family of Coatings for 18+ years has taught us many things.  One is the client needs to know where the paint for their project comes from,  who gets it and what does it cost.

We can tell you our company will buy your paint for you and deliver it to your project location.  In our initial interview with you, we will find the project to be painted, what it will require to complete it correctly and how much paint will be needed.  These few simple questions answered, makes a difference on how your project is completed.  The substrate that needs to be painted will require a certain paint formulated specifically for it.  Drywall, concrete, wood or vinyl all require a deferent paint formula.  The number of coats will require two coats of paint as specified by the PDCA (Painting, Decorating Contractors of America). Our National organization who also writes the standards for groups as the AIA.  Often times, we need to apply a primer coat and or three coats for the best coverage.  This determines the amount of paint we order and bring to the work site.

The estimate we provide you will contain the cost for all primers and paint we will need to complete your project. Any additional paint or color change will be added onto your invoice.  The price we pay for your paint is discounted for us as we are a professional contractor using many hundreds of gallons of paint and primer each year.  The cost of the paint is then added onto your estimate for your project. Our company does not add onto the cost of paint for your project.  Often there are business who add onto the cost of materials as they believe it is a way to make additional profit.  We also request the client not purchase their own paint, as they believe they are saving money on the project.  This is almost never true.  The discounts offered by paint companies are usually still less then our purchase price.  We use only the highest grade of paints as we feel the project we complete meets our expectations as well as the clients.

We hope this answers your question about paint for your project.  If at anytime you have questions or concerns about paint being included, feel free to contact us at  Thank you.