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Making Love to our customers:


Relax; it is only a play on words. We are a small company who has been in business for 17 years. Tegrey family of Coatings Inc. You can find us on FB, twitter and  We believe in building a customer base who contacts us daily. Having 80-90% referrals and little advertising was our goal from the beginning. We attended every seminars and convention related to our business in our third year of business. Spending 25% of our income on learning was a challenge. We ate a lot of beans and rice that year. Sacrifice, dedication and gaining all the knowledge possible is a start. If we did it any different, we would be working much harder and feeling a lot less like a business today.

Now that you know a little about us, we can discuss how we actually accomplish our goals. Having 17 years in business, we should be running our business without the daily stress and strain. We started by keeping every clients information handy and ready to use. My wife Peggy Miller (President) believes in the old fashion way of doing business. Everything is hand written and kept on file forever. Today we have the technology to eliminate much of this work. I am Terry Miller (COO), of Tegrey Family of Coatings Inc. My job is to make sure everything runs right without problems.

To start, we purchased the PDCA Pacer program estimating program. This allows us to keep all clients information on hand and ready to use. When someone calls us for an estimate and tells us we worked for them before, we are ready to go. Their info and what we did last is recorded and any special requirements are there to use. There are many programs similar to PACER and work very well. The idea is to have all the info on hand from a previous client for future use. People are amazed that we remember them from 10-15 years ago. That my friend is a plus. People want to be remembered.

If you’re new in business, now is the time to start your savings program. Collect all the business information about your client you can. File it accordingly. Make it one of your most valuable assets of your business. This list can be used for remembering Birthdays, Anniversary’s, pets and anything else that the clients want you to know. After all, you are the business who solves their problems. You make them smile and feel good about their selves. Hence, you make love to them like no other. Only you can satisfy their needs and create overwhelming results in what you provide.

The very first moment you meet a client for the estimate, make sure it is memorable, because it will be if done right.

If your old school and worked hard at your business for years, you already know what this article is about. You can however still make a great impact on your client by testing new waters. Trying new ideas and making your customer base a little larger and clients easier to reach. We strive every day to improve our business. One way is to build our customer base and being more of a Lover to our client. Showing them the respect and consideration like no other business. This client calls us back, every day. They are our lifeblood. When others are scrambling for work, we listen to the phone ringing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope it helps your business grow and we wish you all the best.