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How to run a business on a Beach!

How to run a business on a Beach!.


How to run a business on a Beach!


How do you run a business from the beach?  Is this possible?  Who would even do business with you on the beach?

Our experience as a painting contractor with 17 years experience, thousands of satisfied clients and working 24 / 7 has taken us to this point.  Of course we don’t paint on the beach, or even live or work close to a beach.  Confusing as it seems, it is quite simple.  We have learned how to run our business by gaining the knowledge and equipment to complete the task at hand.  We started quite a few years ago, adapting new technology into our business of painting. We started with the Blackberry phones and presently use the iPhones, iPad and Lenovo ThinkPad for our business.  Our computers are loaded with the largest capacity available for them and a very high-end estimating program for our clients approval.


Having a plan and working the plan will help you grow your business.  Using the technology to complete the task at hand will give you opportunity to venture where few others go.  At Tegrey Family of Coatings, we have set up a virtual office as well.  This allows our company to answer our phones 24 / 7 with a live person.  After all, who wants to be put on hold for 26 minutes as I have recently dealt with.  What better way is there then setting up appointments or completing an estimate for a client then on a beautiful beach in your home town, or another country!  This can all be accomplished by gaining the knowledge, software and hardware to do this.  You can also run your business from a beach and do what you love, when you want.  Do it now and be amazed with the results.  A conversation with anyone in a perfect climate, no stress and a cold drink while relaxing has to be a positive thing.  Don’t you agree?

Why clean your windows?

Why clean your windows?.

Why clean your windows?


Reach-It Pole system

Tegrey Family of Coatings has purchased a new window cleaning system this past year. Why would a business who’s business is 80 % painting do this? Who cleans their windows today anyway? Why waste the money?
Approximately 50% of the homes we pressure wash, people ask if we clean windows. I have always said no as this is a specialty business that requires skills and equipment we did not have. I decided to investigate this business and after speaking with the professionals and suppliers in window cleaning, we discovered it would be a great fit for our business. We can train our employees and purchase all the equipment we needed to add this onto our company services. The cost was a substantial investment and needed the right client to make it happen.
At Tegrey Family of Coatings, located Canton Ohio, we are a perfect fit. Our clients are very particular on the quality of work they require and they love their homes. That answers the question of who cleans their windows. People who care and want the best for their homes. Having a clear view and dirt free windows make a lot of difference to the concerned homeowner. This relates to businesses as well. Who wants to sit in a restaurant who’s windows are filthy?
The cost was also a surprise to us as well. We bought the Reach-IT pole system and Wash-IT filter system.
We now clean windows, Chemical free, using pure water. Our reach is 25′ which means we clean two story windows from the ground. Spotless windows without any damage to your plants or home.
This separates our business from most every other window cleaning service in our location. The cost is quite low and results are the best.
This is why we now clean windows and tells you why to clean your windows.