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How do you know which paint to use? There are so many choices and each day adds another one.  You can decide by  answering a few basic questions.  What is it that you want to paint?  Where is the area located? Interior or Exterior, or both?  What are your expectations as to the longevity and degree of wear and tear the area must handle?  What color has to do with my paint choice.  The first choice is what will be painted?  Is the surface rough, smooth wood, vinyl or multiple variations of the before items

Each substrate requires a different product. At we have educated ourselves about each substrate their requrements and which to use in each situation. Vinyl for instance can be painted without any primers. Other substrates require special primers. Are you blocking out stains, grafattie, dirt, or maybe a very dark color? The primers are all different for each problem. Knowing which to use is as important as the paint you need for finishing the project. Paint has a minimum and maximium temperature which it can be applied. The label on each can will tell you the boundries you must follow for application. Exterior and interior paint has different additives allowing for temperature, moisture, color retention as well as mold and UV rays. Using the proper interior or exterior paint is a must.

Many times people believe using an exterior paint in the interior is OK. Again, it is not properly made for the interior and lacks additives for this purpose. The modern paints are growing toward low to no VOCs, (Volital Organic Coumpounds). This is one item that refers to the smell and solvents released into the air as you paint. It controls other factors which we will explain in a future Tegrey Family of Coatings blogg. At present,our product of choice for low VOCs is the Benjamin Moore Aura line. It has it’s own color system which eliminates VOCs. The only product on the market today that offers this. It is ideal for health reasons, pregnancies and just for the satisfaction of using a safe product around your family and friends.
The longivity of a paint product is determined by the additives. It manufacturer has the ability of making paints last 20 years or a very short time. The additives they add make the difference. Based on these items, paint cost is very relavent to the quality of your purchase. You get what you pay for.
I hope this information gives you a better understanding of which paint to use. As always, read the label, expect pay for a good quality paint, or pay less, based on your final expectations of your paint job.

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